Korean Counting

English Korean Pronunciation
One Hana Ha-na
Two Dul Dhool
Three Set Set
Four Net Net
Five Dasot Da-sut
Six Yasot Yo-sut
Seven Ilgup Eel-gope
Eight Yodol Yo-dull
Nine Ahop Ah-hope
Ten Yeol Yull
For 11 through 19, add the Korean word for 10 in front of the last number. For example, eleven is Yeol Hana - the Korean words for 10 and 1.
Eleven Yeol Hana Yull Ha-na
Twelve Yeol Dul Yull Dhool
Thirteen Yeol Set Yull Set
Fourteen Yeol Net Yull Net
Fifteen Yeol Dasot Yull Da-sut
Sixteen Yeol Yasot Yull Yo-Sut
Seventeen Yeol Ilgup Yull Eel-gope
Eighteen Yeol Yodol Yull Yo-dull
Nineteen Yeol Ahop Yull Ah-hope
Twenty Seu-Mool Sew-mool