Black Belt Grading

The next Black Belt grading will be at 2pm on Sunday 24th March 2019 at Great Barr

Candidates for 1st to 3rd Dan must attend both the pre-black belt assessment sessions. Attendence at both is mandatory if you wish to be invited to grade.

  • 1st pre-grade date - Sunday 3rd February - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
    2nd pre-grade date - Sunday 3rd March - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
    Old Scott Community Centre
    277, Birdbrook Road
    Great Barr
    B44 9TY
    The doors will be open from 1.30pm for a prompt start.

4th Dan and above is by invitation only. Thesis and interview process applies for these Senior grades only.

I would like all Instructors to email or post to me(not inbox me on face book) by the 20th January at the latest all potential candidates’ fully completed application forms including an up to date passport photograph (not any monies) signed and dated by both student and Instructor so we can verify their eligibility. All forms must be completed fully on the correct form by the date specified or they will not be considered and will not be able to grade... no exceptions. They should have been training on a regular basis and have waited the full correct period of time between grades. Please check this to save any confusion or misunderstandings. Could you please emphasise that all candidates put forward will be assessed on the full IMA syllabus (whether it is used on the Black belt grading or not) and that includes but not limited to Stances, fitness, 1, 2, and 3 step sparring, self defence, patterns and applications, pad work, sparring and general line work, all of which they should be able to demonstrate efficiently and realistically without hesitation or prompting. PLEASE DO NOT PUT FORWARD ANY STUDENT WHO YOU THINK MIGHT BE READY, they must be 100% ready. Also do not put forward any student that is carrying an injury unless it is an existing long term problem, they must be able to carry out all that is asked of them on the fitness aspect.

They should also bring with them on the first pre-grade a fully completed up to date licence and full years Insurance slip. If they haven’t got their licence or insurance slip they must get a replacement before the specified date, if the licence is not up to date with grading dates I suggest they have a look at their certificates and get them signed. They must wear a white dobok which denotes their rank and relevant belt and not “T” shirts.

Instructors who are asked to help out on these pre-grades must also wear a white dobok relevant to their grade including black edging.

On application all instructors must give a history of the students which include commitment, level of courtesy, attitude, health issues including any mitigating circumstances like depression or anxiety.
(This type of information must be agreed with the student or parent prior to any disclosure).
This information will provide examiners with an appreciation of the student prior to the grading commencement.

If there is anything that you are unsure of please email me as soon as possible, do not leave it till the last minute as a refusal often upsets?


Master John Beck 6th Dan