Joining MTKDA

All new members and families who join the Academy will receive four weeks of free training.

Joining MTKDA after your four weeks free trial is easy, firstly you need to decide how many times per week you would like to train. Then decide on a method of payment. We offer Standing order (preferred method) or cash payments.

All fees are paid on a monthly basis at the start of each month. If that does not suit you then you can discuss a payment date with the Academy instructor. If you decide to pay by standing order please ask the Chief Instructor Master Collins. Alternatively e-mail and we will send you the relevant information by return for setting up payments.

Please note: Their are no contracts and you have the right to stop payments at anytime should you wish to leave the Academy.

Your only other obligation is to complete and return a licence/insurance application together with payment. All Licences run for 12 months duration and cover member to member indemnity. This is a legal obligation and no student is allowed to train without valid licence/insurance. Please remember in the first month of training the insurance is FREE and at our expense.

You can ask for a licence application form at any training session either before or after the lesson. Alternatively you can download a form at Downloads

What should I wear when I join.

Please wear some sort of appropriate loose clothing to start with which could be a tracksuit, t shirt etc. The main thing is to be comfortable and wear looose fitting clothing. We train in bare feet unless their is a medical condition that prevents this.

We do offer official MTKDA suits(Dobok) but we would advise you to complete your four week trial before making this type of purchase.